In a reprise of their debate at the January 2013 meeting of the American Bar Association’s Consumer Financial Services Committee, C. Boyden Gray and Deepak Gupta will be debating the constitutionality of the CFPB and Richard Cordray’s recess appointment as CFPB Director this afternoon at Georgetown Law.  Mr. Gray is former White House Counsel to President George H.W. Bush, and counsel for the plaintiffs in State National Bank of Big Spring v. Geithner, a case that raises these constitutional issues.  Mr. Gupta is former CFPB Senior Counsel and now a prominent consumer law attorney in private practice. 

Mr. Gupta will be my co-chair for the 18th Annual Consumer Financial Services Institute, sponsored by the Practising Law Institute. The event will take place on April 8-9, in New York City (and by live webcast and groupcast in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania), and on May 2-3, in Chicago. The first day of the program will be devoted to the CFPB and several CFPB lawyers will be participating in panels.  For a complete description of the event and to register, visit PLI’s 18th Annual Consumer Financial Services Institute page.