The CFPB’s recently released fall 2013 rulemaking agenda portends aggressive rulemaking by the Bureau in 2014.  With most of the rulemaking mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act now completed, the agenda reflects the CFPB’s plans to focus on consumer products and services other than mortgages. 

The CFPB’s rulemaking plans include prerule activities concerning payday loans and deposit advance products targeted for March 2014 and overdraft programs targeted for July 2014. We anticipate that the CFPB will provide additional “white papers” summarizing its research and analysis of these products within these time frames and perhaps issue advance notices of proposed rulemaking.  

Other significant items on the CFPB’s rulemaking agenda include a proposed regulation concerning prepaid cards (targeted for May 2014), another rule to define larger participants in markets for consumer financial products and services (which we expect to address the auto finance market), and debt collection regulations (with the development of possible regulations targeted to begin after February 10, 2014 when the comment period closes on the CFPB’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.) 

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