The CFPB has announced that on June 5, 2014, it will be holding a training conference for businesses on “demystifying the government contracting process.” 

According to the CFPB, the event is intended to “shed some light on the federal procurement process and provide companies with tips on doing business with us.”  The event will be held at the CFPB’s Washington, D.C. headquarters and feature procurement experts “who will walk through the basic steps of federal procurement.” 

Section 342 of Dodd-Frank, which required the CFPB and other federal agencies to establish an Office of Women and Minority Inclusion, also required each such agency to include in its procedures for reviewing contract proposals and hiring service providers a component that considers the applicant’s diversity.  The procedures must include a written statement “that a contractor shall ensure, to the maximum extent possible, the fair inclusion of women and minorities in the workforce of the contractor and, as applicable, subcontractors.”

The CFPB is requesting anyone who is interested in attending in-person or by phone to RSVP via  e-mail  by May 30th.