The CFPB will be participating in a “Debt Collection Dialogue” to be hosted by the FTC and the New York AG on June 15, 2015 in Buffalo, NY.  Greg Nodler, CFPB Senior Counsel for Enforcement Policy and Strategy, is scheduled to be a presenter.  The program will focus on recent enforcement actions, consumer complaints about debt collection practices, and compliance issues.

FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Jessica Rich and NY AG Eric Schneiderman are slated to deliver opening remarks.  Other presenters include Joy Feigenbaum, Executive Deputy Superintendent, Financial Frauds & Consumer Protection, NY Department of Financial Services; James Morrissey, Assistant NY AG; and Christopher Koegel, Assistant Director, FTC Division of Financial Practices.

The event will be the first of several similar debt collection programs that the FTC plans to hold around the country.  All of the events will be free and open to the public.

We find it strange that neither the CFPB (which has pending a debt collection rulemaking) nor the NY Department of Financial Services (which recently issued debt collection regulations) are co-hosting this event.