Blawg100WebBadgeFor the fourth year in a row, CFPB Monitor has made the American Bar Association’s Blawg 100 list, the ABA’s annual list of the best blogs about lawyers and the law. CFPB Monitor continues to be the only blog focused on the CFPB and one of only two blogs focused on consumer financial services in the ABA’s top 100.

We are honored to have once again received so many recommendations from our readers and thank you for helping CFPB Monitor make the 2015 list. We will continue to bring our readers timely and insightful perspectives on the CFPB and its activity.

While dozens of lawyers in our Consumer Financial Services Group have contributed to the success of our blog, I want to give special acknowledgement to my colleague, Barbara Mishkin, who is principally responsible for monitoring and then reporting developments at the CFPB on a timely basis.