Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced this week that his office has launched “PA CARE Package,” a consumer relief program for PA consumers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program is intended to implement and expand on the consumer protections provided by the federal CARES Act.  The press release issued by the PA AG’s Office describes the program as a partnership between the PA AG’s Office and banks and financial institutions in PA to offer additional assistance to PA consumers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  To commit to the program, financial institutions and banks must offer the following assistance to affected PA consumers:

  • Expansion of small and medium business loan availability
  • 90-day grace period for mortgages (at least)
  • 90-day grace period for other consumer loans such as auto loans
  • 90-day window for relief from fees and charges such as late fees, overdraft fees
  • Foreclosure, eviction, or motor vehicle repossession moratorium for 60 days
  • No adverse credit reporting for accessing relief on consumer loans

The PA AG’s Office has created a webpage to provide information about the program.

We think the PA AG’s Office deserves praise for launching a voluntary program that’s a “win-win-win”– an economic win for consumers who are in desperate need of financial assistance due to no fault of their own and a public relations win for banks and other lenders as well as for the PA AG.