Academic Research Council

I have previously voiced concerns about the CFPB’s Academic Research Council, particularly the lack of transparency surrounding the Council’s creation and the CFPB’s decision not to seek public input on appointments to the Council.  My concerns about the Council were heightened by a report appearing earlier this week in the New York Times that the

In his post on the CFPB’s announcement about the appointments to its new councils, Alan Kaplinsky observed that while the CFPB provided biographies for the appointees to its Consumer Advisory Council, it did not do so for the six professors appointed to its Academic Research Council.  Given the significant influence the Academic Research Council is

The CFPB on September 12 announced the appointment of 25 people to its Consumer Advisory Board, 14 people to its Community Bank Advisory Council, 15 people to its Credit Union Advisory Council and, most significantly, six professors to its Academic Research Council.

While there is nothing very noteworthy in and of itself about the CFPB’s