The CFPB announced that it has added Regulations C, X, and DD to its eRegulations platform and has updated Regulation Z on the platform so that it includes all of the amendments made to the regulation through March 2016.

eRegulations is a tool available on the CFPB’s website that can be used to search regulations and view the official commentary with the corresponding rule text.… Continue Reading

Last October, the CFPB announced the launch of its “eRegulations” feature on its website.  At the time, the CFPB described eRegulations as “a web-based, open source tool that aims to make regulations easier to find, read, and understand.”  Currently, only Regulations E and Z are included in eRegulations.  

The CFPB is now seeking feedback on eRegulations, indicating that it “is eager to hear from you about what functionality works best, and how this tool is valuable to you, and how it might be improved to serve your needs.” … Continue Reading