FTC Chair Lina Khan sent a memo this week to the other FTC Commissioners and FTC staff outlining her “vision and priorities” for the agency.

The key statements in her memo relevant for consumer financial services are:

  • Use of authorities. In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s AMG decision, it is particularly critical for the FTC to use its “full set of tools and authorities,” including rulemaking and research in addition to enforcement. 
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Today, by a vote of 69-28, the full Senate confirmed Lina Khan to serve as FTC Commissioner.

Ms. Khan will fill the FTC seat vacated by former FTC Chairman Joseph Simons.  His remaining term runs through September 2024.   Ms. Khan’s confirmation means the Democrats now hold a 3-2 Democratic majority, with the Democratic Commissioners consisting of Ms.… Continue Reading

The Senate Commerce Committee voted yesterday to advance President Biden’s nomination of Lina Khan to serve as FTC Commissioner.  Only four Republican Senators voted not to advance Ms. Khan, which is viewed as an indication of bipartisan support for a change in the FTC’s approach to antitrust regulation and enforcement.  The nomination now moves to a vote by the full Senate.… Continue Reading

On April 21, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation will hold a hearing on President Biden’s nomination of Lina Khan to serve as FTC Commissioner.  (Ms. Khan’s nomination will be considered together with President Biden’s nomination for NASA Administrator.)

Ms. Khan is currently an associate professor at Columbia Law School. … Continue Reading