As we reported, Acting CFPB Director Dave Uejio recently shared a blog post in which he directed the Bureau’s Consumer Response Unit to prepare and publish a report highlighting companies with a poor track record of responding to consumer complaints. He stated that “senior leadership of these companies can expect to hear from me.”… Continue Reading

The CFPB has issued its Consumer Response Annual Report, which analyzes the approximately 329,800 complaints received by the CFPB between January 1 and December 31, 2018. The Report details the trends in consumer complaints across various categories and provides information about the CFPB’s process for handling complaints.

Of the 329,800 complaints received in 2018, the CFPB sent approximately 80% of the complaints to companies for review and response, referred 14% to other regulatory agencies, and found 4% to be incomplete.… Continue Reading

Last December, the CFPB sued a Texas-based company, Union Workers Credit Services, alleging that the company deceived consumers into paying fees to sign up for a “platinum card” that purported to be a general-use credit card but, in actuality, could only be used to buy products from the company. See our prior post discussing the CFPB’s complaint here.… Continue Reading

The CFPB has issued a “snapshot” of the consumer complaints it received from July 21, 2011 through September 30, 2012.  The CFPB’s report covers credit card, mortgage, bank account and service, and private student loan complaints.  For each category, the CFPB describes the most common types of complaints and how complaints have been handled. … Continue Reading