A unanimous panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has affirmed the district court’s order dismissing several defendants as sanctions for the CFPB’s continuation of “obstructionist conduct” in depositions.

In CFPB v. Brown, the depositions in question were of a CFPB witness taken in the CFPB’s enforcement action against 18 defendants that alleged the defendants had engaged in or substantially assisted a fraudulent debt collection scheme in violation of the CFPA and the FDCPA. … Continue Reading

A federal district court in Atlanta has granted the defendants’ motions for Rule 37 sanctions against the CFPB for its conduct in connection with the defendants’ depositions of CFPB witnesses.  To sanction the CFPB, the court struck four counts from the CFPB’s complaint, and with no claims remaining against them, the court dismissed the defendants who sought the sanctions from the case.… Continue Reading