The CFPB’s newly-released strategic plan for fiscal years 2018-2022 reflects the restrained approach to the CFPB’s exercise of its authority previously outlined by Mick Mulvaney, President Trump’s designee as CFPB Acting Director.

In his message introducing the strategic plan, Mr. Mulvaney stated:

If there is one way to summarize the strategic changes occurring at the Bureau, it is this: we have committed to fulfill the Bureau’s statutory responsibilities, but go no further. 

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The CFPB has issued an updated report on its strategic plan, budget, and performance plan.  The report, which mostly reassembles information contained in other CFPB reports, discusses the CFPB’s progress in meeting the strategic goals set forth in its FY 2013-FY 2017 strategic plan and provides budget projections and other metrics for FYs 2014 and 2015. … Continue Reading

The CFPB’s FY 2013-FY 2017 Strategic Plan, FY 2013 and FY 2014 Budget, and FY 2013 Annual Performance Plan and Report tracks the Bureau’s focus on supervision and enforcement.  (While Director Cordray’s letter accompanying the report states that the CFPB has combined the three documents into a single report rather than publishing them as separate documents, the Strategic Plan was nevertheless also published as a separate document.) … Continue Reading

The CFPB has issued a draft strategic plan for 2013 to 2018 and is seeking comments which are due by October 25, 2012.  In the plan, the CFPB identifies four strategic goals and eleven desired outcomes in support of those goals, together with strategies that describe the actions the CFPB will take to accomplish the outcomes and performance measures and indicators it will use to assess its progress in achieving the desired outcomes.  … Continue Reading