It is with great pleasure that I introduce the newest contributor to CFPB Monitor, Stefanie Jackman. When I met Stefanie two years ago and began working with her, I knew right away that she was a superstar, and she has proven the truth of my initial impression ever since.

Stefanie has an intense drive to help our clients deal with the most challenging litigation matters and seemingly endless energy to do whatever needs to be done to accomplish our clients’ goals.  Just last week, we obtained a very favorable ruling from a federal court here in Georgia rejecting numerous arguments that attacked the legality of the MERS system. Stefanie wrote our briefs in the case, and the federal court’s opinion tracked all of the arguments that she made. This ruling will give our clients additional ammunition to fight off similar challenges in the future.

Stefanie also shares our group’s passion for consumer financial services. She has written presentations and articles that have left industry veterans in awe of her thoroughness and keen grasp of the litigation environment of our industry. I know that you will continue to hear her name as she makes her mark as a financial services litigator.

Best of all, she is now a member of our team at Ballard Spahr and will be a regular contributor to CFPB Monitor. We are fortunate to have Stefanie, and even more fortunate to be able to share her insight with the world through this blog. So, Stefanie, welcome to the conversation!