According to a post on LinkedIn,  the CFPB will be hosting an “industry discussion” in Cleveland, Ohio on April 27 at which the featured speakers will include Director Richard Cordray and Deputy Director Raj Date. The other featured speakers will be Steve Antonakes, who serves as Assistant Director of Large Bank Supervision, and Peggy Twohig, who serves as Assistant Director of Nonbank Supervision.

We find it curious that the CFPB chose to announce the discussion via a LinkedIn post rather than on the CFPB’s website (and that we could find no mention of the discussion on the CFPB’s website.) According to the description on LinkedIn, which also includes a link that can be used to register to attend, the topics that will be covered include “key industry topics,” the CFPB’s vision for the future of compliance and supervision, and interagency coordination. It appears that the CFPB plans to use the event to recruit examiners since, according to the post, the CFPB speakers will also discuss “opportunities to join the CFPB’s Supervision team.”

There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions and engage in discussions about “cutting edge topics,” and the event will be closed to the press.