Next Monday, September 10, the federal financial regulatory agencies will host an interagency discussion on servicemember protections and SCRA compliance issues. The discussion topics include:

  • Permanent Change of Station Guidance
  • HAMP Enhancements
  • Short Sale Assistance for Military Homeowners
  • Recent Enforcement Actions
  • SCRA Compliance Tips

The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session. Questions can be submitted prior to the webinar or during the presentation. The interagency webinar is part of the Federal Reserve System’s “Outlook Live” event series. Registration for the event is available at:

We recently discussed SCRA issues during our August 14 webinar, “The Top 10 Ways to Get in Trouble with the CFPB.” Item number six on the list: “Don’t concern yourself with the SCRA since it involves so few of your customers.” We’ll be addressing SCRA issues again during our September 19 webinar, “Call of Duty: SCRA – Protecting Those Who Protect Us.” Note that our webinars are open to clients and certain members of the financial services industry.