The CFPB has announced a pilot-program in which it will partner with Newark, New Jersey to allow Newark consumers to use a local 4311 hotline to reach the CFPB with questions and complaints about financial products and services.  4311 is a non-emergency phone line used by Newark residents to access  local city services and, under the new program, residents who call 4311 with a question or complaint about consumer financial products or services will be transferred to the CFPB’s Consumer Response team.  In addition to using the 4311 number, Newark residents can continue to use the CFPB’s on-line complaint system or other existing methods for submitting complaints to the CFPB. 

In November 2012, the CFPB announced that the CFPB and the City of Chicago had entered into an information-sharing agreement, and that the CFPB planned to use the information it received from Chicago in determining which consumer financial products and services should be the focus of the Bureau’s supervision and enforcement teams and rulemaking initiatives.