Earlier this week, the CFPB announced the addition of the following four people to its leadership team: 

  • Sartaj Alag to serve as Chief Operating Officer.  Mr. Alag was previously in charge of starting up and managing the CFPB’s Office of Consumer Response.
  • Christopher D’Angelo to serve as Chief of Staff.  Mr. D’Angelo previously served as an attorney in the CFPB’s Office of Enforcement and most recently served as Senior Advisor to Director Cordray.
  • Nora Dowd Eisenhower to serve as the new Assistant Director for the Office of Older Americans.  Before joining the CFPB, Ms. Eisenhower served on the National Council on Aging, where she was the Director of the National Center for Benefits Outreach and Enrollment and subsequently the Senior Vice President of Economic Security.
  • Laurie Maggiano will serve as the Program Manager for Servicing and Securitization Markets in the Division of Research, Markets, and Regulations.  Before joining the CFPB, 
    Ms. Maggiano worked at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, where she was the Director of Policy in the Office of Homeownership Preservation.