The House Financial Services Committee appears to have stolen a page from the CFPB’s play book.  The CFPB’s website invites consumers to “tell us your story, good or bad, about your experience with consumer financial products” by completing an online form. 

Now, the Committee is asking consumers and business owners to “[t]ell us your story.”  Visitors to the Committee’s website who click on the link “Protecting Consumers” on the homepage are taken to a webpage that discusses the Committee’s commitment to “[t]rue consumer protection” and states that such protection “holds everyone-including powerful government bureaucracies like the CFPB-accountable to consumers.”  It then informs visitors that the Committee “want[s] to hear from you.  How the CFPB affected you, your business, or your customers?”  To “submit your story,” an individual can complete an online form or call a designated telephone number.