“There’s blogging, and then there’s blogging well. And really, an argument can be made that anything but the latter really isn’t blogging at all.”

So begins Above the Law’s commentary on Law Blogs and I’m happy to report that our CFPB Monitor fared exceptionally well. We started the blog in 2011 to coincide with the creation of the Bureau and President Obama’s nomination of Richard Cordray to lead it. Since then, we have added thousands of followers – and written an equally impressive number of posts. Our staff keeps a close eye on developments at the Bureau and every day there seems to be something new and significant to report.

And while the blog was conceived as a way to keep our clients and contacts “ahead of the curve,” it’s always nice when one’s efforts are recognized. CFPB Monitor is frequently cited as the primary source in news reports and our readers include significant players in the industry. For the third year in a row, the ABA Journal named us to their Blawg 100 list.

As Above the Law put it, “They (the attorneys who write CFPB Monitor) exclusively cover the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and boy do they cover it. If there’s any news even loosely tied to the CFPB, they’re on it, and they explain it in a way that anyone could read.”

Thanks, ATL. We are extremely proud of the success of CFPB Monitor and committed to remaining the go-to source for timely, relevant information about the Bureau. To read the article, http://abovethelaw.com/2014/12/as-aba-blawg-100-shows-biglaw-is-finding-the-handle-on-quality-blogging/