The CFPB has issued its sixth Semi-Annual Report to the President and Congress covering the period from April 1 through September 30, 2014.

As we have found with previous CFPB semi-annual reports, despite its 188-page length, the latest report provides no noteworthy new information about CFPB activities.  Instead it recycles information in various previously-issued CFPB reports and reviews ongoing and past developments, all of which we have already covered in previous blog posts.

We did, however, find noteworthy the section of the report dealing with TILA, EFTA and CARD Act enforcement efforts of federal agencies other than the CFPB.  For example, the report indicates that in 2013, the FDIC issued (1) one civil money penalty and nine cease and desist orders for TILA violations, (2) seven civil money penalties and seven cease and desist orders for EFTA violations, and (3) 16 civil money penalties, seven cease and desist orders, and eight actions requiring restitution (including one with the OCC and CFPB) for violations of the CARD Act and related federal consumer protection laws.

Perhaps we will learn something new about the CFPB’s ongoing activities and future plans should the House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committees call Director Cordray to testify about the latest report as they have done in connection with previous semi-annual reports.