The Consumer Law & Policy Blog has reproduced a copy of a letter sent yesterday by the CFPB seeking suggested cases for the CFPB’s amicus brief program.  The letter indicates that the amicus program has so far filed 14 amicus briefs in the federal courts of appeals and has worked closely with the Solicitor General’s Office on several amicus briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The letter, which is not posted on the CFPB’s website, apparently was sent to a list of recipients selected by the CFPB.  In the letter, the CFPB states that it seeks the case recommendations of such recipients “as important stakeholders in the area of consumer finance.”  One wonders to whom the CFPB sent this letter in which it appears to be trolling for more opportunities to submit amicus briefs.  I’m not aware of any industry people who received this letter.