The CFPB has issued its fourth annual report to Congress on its workforce.  The Dodd-Frank Act requires the CFPB to submit an annual report that includes a Recruitment and Retention Plan, Training and Workforce Development Plan, and Workplace Flexibilities Plan.

Titled “Growing our Human Capital,” the report states that the CFPB had 1,419 employees as of September 2014.  According to the new report, 46% of the CFPB’s employees are female and 35% of the CFPB’s employees self-identify as a minority.  Last year’s report indicated that the CFPB had 1,302 employees as of September 2013, with about the same percentages of female employees and employees who self-identified as a minority.

The new report details the CFPB’s steps to develop and train its workforce, workplace flexibilities offered, and recruitment efforts.