The CFPB continues to seek comments on its plans to launch in the winter of 2015 what it describes as “a multi-site financial education demonstration project to provide one-on-one and group financial counseling/coaching services to individuals with disabilities transitioning into the workplace or already employed.”

The project has two goals.  One goal is to improve the financial capability of approximately 15,00 disabled individuals to effectively navigate the financial marketplace.  The other goal is “to build the capacity of diverse multi-sector systems (non-disability and disability) in up to 14 cities to unite around the common purpose of building financial security for individuals with disabilities.”  The CFPB plans to collect monthly qualitative reports and quantitative aggregated individual data from participating sites “to document the design, growth and impact of up to 14 integrated diverse delivery models serving primarily low-income populations with disabilities.”

Comment are due on or before February 9, 2015.