The CFPB has announced that its FY 2014 service contract inventory is available for public viewing.  The inventory provides information on service contracts over $25,000 funded by the CFPB in FY 2014.

In addition to the inventory, the CFPB issued a summary listing its ten largest contract obligations.  The two largest obligations were for “Support-Professional: Program Management/Support” in the amount of $25,853,343 and “IT & Telecommunications-Telecommunications and Transmission” in the amount of $22,960,594.  These obligations represented, respectively, 18.96% and 16.84% of the CFPB’s total FY 2014 obligations.

It is interesting to note that among the ten largest obligations were “Support-Management: Advertising” in the amount of $5,996,698 and “Special Studies/Analysis-Economic” in the amount of $4,323,880.  The subjects of the CFPB’s advertising include various CFPB initiatives such as “Paying for College” and “Owning a Home.”  The special studies and analyses conducted by the CFPB include “analytical support to review and analyze [an institution’s] mortgage loan application data and/or origination data,” with the CFPB’s “fair lending analysis [to] include an assessment of potential underwriting and pricing disparities for protected classes under Equal Credit Opportunity Act” and “additional analyses that may include the evaluation of potential redlining, reverse redlining and product steering.”  Also included in such studies and analyses is the “collection and analysis of credit card data.”