The CFPB has issued its 2015 Plain Writing Act Compliance Report.  Under the PWA, federal “executive agencies,” including the CFPB, are required to use plain language in documents that: are necessary for obtaining information about a federal government benefit or service or filing taxes; provide information about a federal government benefit or service; or explain to the public how to comply with a requirement that the federal government administers or enforces.

The report discusses the CFPB’s efforts to comply with the PWA and promote the use of plain writing in its communications.  As it did in previous PWA reports, the CFPB states in the new report that it has adopted  plain language “as a core principle” for all of the CFPB’s printed and online consumer-facing content.  Examples given by the CFPB include its “Ask CFPB” online Q&A tool and its reverse mortgage advertising consumer advisory.

In the new report, as it also did in previous reports, the CFPB states that while the PWA does not apply to regulations, it generally makes available plain language summaries of its proposed or final consumer protection regulations (with the CFPB citing to a summary it issued in connection with its mortgage rules as an example).