In October 2013, the CFPB released four “Managing Someone Else’s Money” guides for financial caregivers, particularly those who handle the finances of older Americans.  The booklets were designed for four different categories of financial caregivers: agents under powers of attorney, court-appointed guardians, trustees, and government fiduciaries, such as someone serving as a Social Security representative payee or Veterans Affairs fiduciary.

Earlier this week, in conjunction with an event about financial management for seniors and their caregivers held in Springfield, Virginia, the CFPB issued a set of the four guides specific to the state of Virginia.  The guides can be accessed on the CFPB’s website and free print copies (including bulk orders) can be ordered online.

The CFPB also plans to issue state-specific guides for Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Oregon.  (It seems likely that the states selected by the CFPB for state-specific guides are the states with the largest populations of older individuals.)  In addition, the CFPB will be providing tips and templates for legal and aging experts in other states to adapt the guides for their states.