Here are the highlights from Richard Cordray’s interview earlier today with the Wall Street Journal.

He refused to respond to the question of whether or not the memo issued on January 20 on behalf of President Trump by his Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, directing a moratorium with respect to regulations issued by executive agencies applies to the CFPB. He stated that he would “leave it to the lawyers at this point” to figure that out.

He also refused to express an opinion about whether the governance and the funding of the CFPB should be changed legislatively. He stated that it is “above my pay grade” and up to Congress.

He also stated that he would accept the opinion of the DC Circuit with respect to whether the Dodd -Frank Act is or is not constitutional. He stated that it was completely up to the courts to figure out whether President Trump has the right to remove him as director and he did not indicate, one way or another, whether he would resign voluntarily. In answer to a question posed at a press conference briefing yesterday, President Trump’s Press Secretary Spicer, stated that “no decision” has been made about Director Cordray’s future at the CFPB.

He expressed the opinion that the “vast majority “ of all of the CFPB enforcement activity deals with deceptive conduct, implying that people on both sides of the political aisle would be hard-pressed to quarrel with that.

He stated that the pace of law enforcement will remain “steady and vigorous” during the remainder of his term.

Finally, he indicated that a rulemaking dealing with the collection of information regarding loans to small businesses is a “work in process.” It did not sound like anything is imminent.