As many of our blog readers know, Alan Kaplinsky and Professor Jeff Sovern have regularly engaged in legal debate about consumer finance issues via blog posts.  Alan’s views can be found in blog posts published on this blog, Consumer Finance Monitor, while Professor Sovern’s views appear in blog posts published on his Consumer Law & Policy Blog.  Although consumer arbitration has been the primary focus of their ongoing debate, they have also sparred on other important issues, most recently the CFPB’s announcement that it would use its UDAAP authority to challenge non-credit discrimination.

The online legal sparring between Alan and Professor Sovern was the subject of a recent article published by CQ Roll Call: “Battle of the blogs: Legal experts spar over consumers’ arbitration clauses.” (Reprinted from Westlaw with permission of Thomson Reuters.)  The article comments that their online exchanges “have gained traction among private attorneys, government lawyers and financial industry observers.”