The U.S. Supreme Court has denied the motion filed by the 27 Republican State Attorney Generals who filed an amicus brief in support of Community Financial Services Association in CFSA v. CFPB asking for leave to participate in oral argument.  No explanation for the denial was given by the Court.  While the Supreme Court almost routinely grants requests by the Solicitor General to participate in oral argument as amicus, it grants requests from State Attorneys General to argue as amici with much less frequency.

In the case, CFSA has asked the Supreme Court to affirm the Fifth Circuit panel’s decision which held that the CFPB’s funding mechanism violates the Appropriations Clause of the U.S. Constitution.  CFSA filed a response in opposition to the AGs’ motion in which it asserted that “undivided argument would be most appropriate and beneficial for this Court.”  Oral argument is scheduled for October 3, 2023.