On October 5, the CFPB published the list of new members appointed to serve on the Consumer Advisory Board and each Council group.

As background, Dodd-Frank requires the CFPB to maintain and work with a Consumer Advisory Board, comprised of industry leaders who are recommended by the presidents of each Federal Reserve Bank across the country. In addition to the Consumer Advisory Board, the CFPB collaborates with each Council group: the Community Bank Advisory Council, Credit Union Advisory Council, and Academic Research Council. The council groups are made up of executives of financial institutions, leaders of consumer advocacy groups, housing organizations, and other stakeholders. The members act simply in an advisory role, and are not representatives of the CFPB or the Federal Reserve.

Below are the newly appointed members of each group:

Consumer Advisory Board

  • Scott E. Dewald, President and Chief Executive Officer, REI Oklahoma (Durant, OK) [10th District – Kansas City]
  • Chelsie Evans Enos, Executive Director, Hawaiian Community Assets (Honolulu, HI) [12th District – San Francisco]
  • Thomas Okuda Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Virginia – HOME of VA (Richmond, VA) [5th District – Richmond]
  • Stephen A. Gardner, President and Executive Director, Clarifi (Philadelphia, PA) [3rd District – Philadelphia]
  • Cashauna Hill, Executive Director, The Redress Movement (New Orleans, LA) [6th District – Atlanta]
  • Nick Mitchell-Bennett, Executive Director, cdcb | come dream. come build (Brownsville, TX) [11th District – Dallas]
  • Amy Nelson, Executive Director, Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (Indianapolis, IN) [7th District – Chicago]
  • Denise Notice-Scott, President, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) (New York, NY) [2nd District – New York]
  • Fern Orie, Chief Executive Officer, The Matriarch Group (Green Bay, WI) [9th District – Minneapolis]
  • Angeles Ortega, CEO, Mi Casa Resource Center (Denver, CO) [10th District – Kansas City]
  • Juan Bonilla Santiago, Vice President, Economic Inclusion and Wealth Building, United Way of Massachusetts Bay (Boston, MA) [1st District – Boston]
  • Shanelle Smith Whigham, SVP, National Community Engagement Director, KeyBank (Cleveland, OH) [4th District – Cleveland]
  • Sam Walls III, CEO, Arkansas Capital Corporation (Little Rock, AR) [8th District – St. Louis]

Community Bank Advisory Council

  • Derek Henderson CPA CAMS, Chief Compliance Officer, DR Bank (Darien, CT)
  • Sergio S. Ora, President & Chief Executive Officer, Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company (Nashville, TN)
  • Victor M. Ramirez, SVP, CRA and Fair & Responsible Banking, Beneficial State Bank (Oakland, CA)

Credit Union Advisory Council

  • Sharon Grieger, MBA, MS, CCEP, CIA, CISA, CFE, CRMA, CSE, C.U.D.E., Chief Risk Officer, Vantage West Credit Union (Tucson, AZ)
  • Andrew C. Grimm, President/CEO, Apple Federal Credit Union (Fairfax, VA)
  • Kimberly Jones, Vice President, Director of Partnerships & Community, Self-Help Federal Credit Union (Chicago, IL)

Academic Research Council

  • Neale Ashok Mahoney, Professor of Economics and George P. Shultz Fellow at SIEPR, Stanford University (Stanford, CA)
  • Katja Seim, Sharon Oster Professor of Economics and Management, Yale University (New Haven, CT)
  • Suzanne Bliven Shu, Dean of Faculty and Research, John S. Dyson Professor in Marketing, SC Johnson College of Business (Ithaca, NY)
  • Abigail Sussman, Professor of Marketing, University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Chicago, IL)