Our special guest is Andrew Nigrinis of Legal Economics LLC and former CFPB enforcement economist.  The CFPB’s final credit card late fee rule lowers the safe harbor late fee amount that card issuers other than “smaller card issuers” can charge to $8.  We first discuss how the final rule differs from the proposed rule and the existing rule, who are “smaller issuers” not subject to the lower safe harbor amount, and the changes made by the final rule for larger issuers.  We then look at issuers’ ability to determine late fees based on their costs, permissible fees other than late fees, the CFPB’s economic analysis underlying the final rule, and the final rule’s likely impact on issuers and cardholders.  We conclude with a discussion of the Texas lawsuit challenging the final rule and the key arguments for invalidating the rule.

Alan Kaplinsky, Senior Counsel in Ballard Spahr’s Consumer Financial Services Group, leads the discussion, joined by John Culhane and Ronald Vaske, Partners in the Group, and Kristen Larson, Of Counsel in the Group.

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