On September 7, 2012, the CFPB hosted a webinar, followed by a Q&A session, covering the Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database.  The webinar was conducted by Camille Busette, the CFPB’s Assistant Director of the Office of Financial Education, and Scott Pluta, the Assistant Director for Consumer Response. 

Perhaps the most significant announcement during the presentation was that by the end of September, a government portal will be launched through which other federal regulators, state regulators, and attorneys general will be able to exchange complaint information. … Continue Reading

With the release of its examination procedures for credit  bureaus and consumer reporting agencies, the CFPB is now one step closer to scheduling examinations for the 30 largest companies that it estimates account for about 94 percent of the market (measured by annual receipts). These are the companies it has deemed, by rule effective September 30, to be the larger participants in this market.… Continue Reading

Credit ScoresThe CFPB will hold a public field hearing and panel discussion on credit reporting on July 16 at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The hearing appears to coincide with the CFPB’s anticipated release of the final “larger participant” rule, which must be issued no later than July 21.

Earlier this year, the CFPB issued a proposed rule defining the minimum size of credit bureaus, debt buyers, and debt collectors that it will supervise and examine.… Continue Reading