After reviewing a brief history of the ADA and the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) interpretation that Title III’s public accommodation accessibility requirements apply to websites, we look at DOJ’s approach to enforcing the ADA during the Biden Administration.  We also review recent ADA litigation trends, the 11th Circuit’s landmark Winn-Dixie decision and its likely

The CFPB has launched “a first-of-its-kind nationwide initiative to provide financial counseling services to people with disabilities who are working or transitioning into the workforce.”  The program is named “ROADS to Financial Independence.”  ROADS stands for “Reach Outcomes. Achieve Dreams. Succeed.”

The initiative is based on the CFPB’s view that “in-person, individualized guidance delivered at

The CFPB is looking for responses by April 12 to two Requests for Information it has filed seeking information on how to build financial capabilities for people with disabilities, veterans in transition, and people who are economically vulnerable.  

One RFI requests input from organizations and vendors that have an interest in and/or experience in providing