The CFPB has launched “a first-of-its-kind nationwide initiative to provide financial counseling services to people with disabilities who are working or transitioning into the workforce.”  The program is named “ROADS to Financial Independence.”  ROADS stands for “Reach Outcomes. Achieve Dreams. Succeed.”

The initiative is based on the CFPB’s view that “in-person, individualized guidance delivered at trusted and accessible locations” is the best way to achieve financial capability.  It will integrate financial counseling services into employment, independent living, and other support services programs.  Participants will receive financial tools and training tailored to their needs, including a financial assessment and access to a financial counselor.

ROADS to Financial Independence will operate in six communities through 19 participating organizations.  The six communities are located in Austin, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; Finger Lakes, New York; Seattle, Washington; and throughout the state of Delaware and Greater Washington, DC Metro Area.

The CFPB’s efforts to help individuals with disabilities develop financial capability are deserving of widespread support.