According to its newly-released Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, the FTC received complaints from 2.68 million consumers in 2017, a decrease from 2016 when 2.98 million consumers submitted complaints.  The annual report, which does not include do-not-call complaints, provides national and state-by-state data on consumer complaints received by the FTC. … Continue Reading

The CFPB announced on March 14 that it has begun sharing consumer complaints with the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel database. In addition to the FTC, the database can be accessed by other federal agencies and hundreds of state and local agencies. Last August, the CFPB announced that it had entered into an agreement with the FTC that gave the CFPB access to complaints submitted by others to the database and in which the CFPB agreed to share the consumer complaints it received.… Continue Reading

According to an announcement on its website, the CFPB has signed an agreement with the FTC that not only allows the CFPB to access complaints on the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel database but under which the CFPB will also share with the database complaints it receives from consumers. In addition to the FTC, the database can be accessed online by more than 50 other federal agencies and offices as well as approximately 120 state agencies, 330 local agencies and 19 foreign agencies.… Continue Reading