The CFPB published notices in yesterday’s Federal Register seeking comments on the following information collections:

  • “Consumer Response Government and Congressional Boarding Forms.”  The notice states that the CFPB has developed portals  for state and federal agencies and congressional offices to view and search consumer complaint data.  While not expressly stated in the notice, based on the CFPB’s use of other boarding forms, it would appear that the boarding forms would have to be completed by an agency or office seeking access to the portals.  Comments on the request are due on or before August 24, 2015.
  • A  generic information collection plan to conduct surveys of people about their experiences in consumer credit markets using the Consumer Credit Panel (a proprietary sample dataset from one of the national credit reporting agencies).  The notice states that survey responses “will be used for general, formative, and informational research on consumer financial markets and consumers’ use of financial products and will not directly provide the basis for specific policymaking at the Bureau.”  Comments on the request are due on or before
    July 27, 2015.
  • A generic information collection plan “to conduct research to improve the quality of data collection by examining  the effectiveness of data-collection procedures and processes, including potential psychological and cognitive issues.”  The notice states that the research is intended to “improve [the CFPB’s] understanding of how consumers engage with financial marketplaces.”  Comments on the request are due on or before July 27, 2015.