The D.C. Circuit has entered an order that provides the response of the United States to the CFPB’s petition for rehearing en banc is due by December 22, 2016.  The order also provides that PHH can file its response by December 22.

In an order filed on November 23, 2016, the D.C. Circuit required PHH to file its response within 15 days.  The order also invited the Solicitor General to file a response to the petition for rehearing en banc, expressing the views of the United States.

While the November order did not expressly set a date by which the Solicitor General had to file a response, the government apparently read the D.C. Circuit’s order as also setting a 15-day filing deadline for its response and filed an unopposed motion for leave to file its response by December 22.  Although not expressly requested by PHH, the court’s order granting the Solicitor General’s motion gives PHH a similar extension.