The CFPB has released an overview of an updated online company portal for viewing and responding to consumer complaints that it plans to launch in early 2017.

The overview is intended to serve “only as a first glance at the updated system and is designed to highlight key Portal updates and changes.”  The CFPB states that, before the updated system goes live, it will provide “informative materials and training opportunities, including a revised company portal manual, training webinars, and detailed log-in instructions.”  The CFPB also plans to offer support sessions after the updated system goes live.

The changes described in the overview fall into two categories.  First, the CFPB describes a series of changes designed to make “it easier and faster for companies to receive and respond to complaints.”  These changes include a company dashboard, simplified company response data entry, and an expanded character count for text boxes.

The second series of changes described by the CFPB are designed to make “it easier for companies to analyze and interpret the data associated with those complaints.”  These changes include a “better” search and data export tool, the addition of timestamps on all company responses, and a new PDF export option.