Earlier this week, Mick Mulvaney, President Trump’s designee as CFPB Acting Director, announced that he has appointed Kirsten Sutton Mork as CFPB Chief of Staff.  Ms. Sutton Mork has been serving as staff director of the House Financial Services Committee under Chairman Jeb Hensarling.  We previously blogged about Mr. Hensarling’s announcement that Ms. Sutton Mork had been named CFPB Chief of Staff.

Mr. Mulvaney’s announcement states that Ms. Sutton Mork was a member of Mr. Hensarling’s staff during House Financial Services Committee, House, and conference committee consideration of the Dodd-Frank Act and “is intimately familiar with the Bureau’s statutory mission and obligations.”

The CFPB’s former Chief of Staff was Leandra English, who was appointed Deputy Director by former Director Cordray only hours before his resignation became effective at midnight on November 24, 2017.  Ms. English is currently appealing the district court’s denial of her motion for a preliminary injunction in her action challenging President Trump’s appointment of Mr. Mulvaney as CFPB Acting Director.