Our special guest is Brad Blower, Principal and Founder of Inclusive-Partners LLC, and author of a recent blog post titled “The CFPB Has An Opportunity to Greatly Advance the Ethical and Non-Discriminatory Use of AI in Financial Services and Should Take It.”  We first discuss the lack of clear guidance from the CFPB on the non-discriminatory use of AI and the possible reasons for the CFPB’s apparent reticence to provide more specific guidance.  We then identify the specific areas where additional guidance from the CFPB could be helpful and specific steps the CFPB could take to address the lack of clarity.  We conclude with a discussion of where industry, in the absence of clear guidance from the CFPB, is heading in its efforts to achieve fairness when using AI without compromising the accuracy of underwriting models and what the CFPB will likely be doing over the next year to address fairness concerns.

Alan Kaplinsky, Senior Counsel in Ballard Spahr’s Consumer Financial Services Group, hosts the conversation.

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