mortgage advertisements

Late last week, on February 12, the CFPB announced actions against three mortgage companies for alleged violations of Regulation N, the Mortgage Acts and Practices Advertising Rule.  Among other restrictions, Regulation N bars any commercial misrepresentation of the relationship between a credit provider and a government.  According to the CFPB, the three mortgage companies at issue—All Financial Services, Flagship Financial Group, and American Preferred Lending—wrongfully depicted their affiliation with the U.S.… Continue Reading

The CFPB and FTC announced that they have sent warning letters to mortgage advertisers urging them to review their marketing materials to ensure that they comply with the Mortgage Acts and Practices-Advertising Rule (Regulation N) and other applicable law.  The warning letters were the subject of the press call the CFPB and FTC had promoted in the media advisory they issued last week.  … Continue Reading