Raj Date and Fenway Summer LLC has hit a triple for the ages.  In a highly acclaimed move, Fenway Summer added to its depth and its ability to execute on its vision by adding three more top CFPB officials. Garry Reeder, chief of staff; Chris Haspel, senior advisor for mortgage servicing and securitization; and regulatory

So much for my speculation that Raj Date would succeed Richard Cordray as CFPB Acting Director should Mr. Cordray leave the Bureau next year to run for Ohio governor as expected by many pundits.  Bloomberg has reported that a CFPB spokeswoman confirmed that Mr. Date, who currently serves as CFPB Deputy Director, plans to leave

Lost in all the sturm and drang accompanying the President’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray as Director of the CFPB is the fact that one of Director Cordray’s first official acts was to appoint Raj Date as Deputy Director. Why is that important? Assuming that Cordray’s appointment is not invalidated by a court, he will

As my fellow blogger, Chris Willis, indicated in his prior post, Raj Date, the current acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has been actively previewing the CFPB’s forthcoming rule-making priorities. Indeed, in another speech at the American Banker’s Regulatory Symposium last week, Mr. Date elaborated on the CFPB’s goals with regard to

Less than two weeks after Obama nominated Richard Cordray for CFPB Director, Elizabeth Warren has swept out of town and returned to Harvard.  Meanwhile, Cordray has not made any public announcements, posted comments about his nomination on the CFPB’s website, or otherwise been heard from in any significant way.  He seems determined to stay quiet