In our blog post yesterday about the CFPB’s final rule allowing an alternative online delivery method for annual privacy notices, we commented that the CFPB has made limited progress on its regulatory streamlining initiative launched in December 2011.  The CFPB’s streamlining efforts were also the subject of a letter sent to Director Cordray yesterday by

The semiannual regulatory agenda posted by the CFPB last week on its website indicates that the CFPB has potentially ambitious future rulemaking plans.  The agenda identifies the regulatory matters the CFPB “reasonably anticipates” having under consideration during the period from May 1, 2013 to May 1, 2014.  The information in the agenda is described as

Back in December, the Bureau issued a notice asking the public to help it “identify provisions of the inherited regulations that the Bureau should make the highest priority for updating, modifying, or eliminating because they are outdated, unduly burdensome, or unnecessary.” (We discussed the notice in an earlier blog post [link.]) On February

The suggestion box is officially open at the CFPB for comments from the public on which provisions of the regulations it inherited from other agencies should be the CFPB’s highest priority for streamlining.

The Dodd-Frank Act transferred to the CFPB rulemaking authority under 14 federal consumer financial laws that had previously been vested in seven