The CFPB has opposed the motion filed by PHH for leave to file a supplemental response to the CFPB’s petition for rehearing en banc.  On December 22, PHH and the United States filed responses to the CFPB’s petition with the D.C. Circuit.  The D.C. Circuit had invited the Solicitor General to file a response expressing the views of the United States.

In its motion for leave to file a supplemental response, PHH asserts that “the United States [in its response] argues that this Court should grant the CFPB’s petition for rehearing en banc on several grounds that were not pressed in the CFPB’s petition, and with which PHH strongly disagrees.”  Further asserting that “[t]he United States government has now had two rounds of briefing and taken two separate positions in this Court in support of rehearing,” PHH seeks an opportunity to be heard “on the United States’ newly expressed views.”

The CFPB’s opposition filed in the D.C. Circuit states only that the CFPB opposes PHH’s motion and that if PHH “wants an opportunity to present additional arguments to this Court, they may do so if this Court grants rehearing en banc and seeks additional briefing.”