The Biden transition has announced the members of its agency review teams.

The team leaders include the following individuals:

CFPB.  The team will be led by Leandra English, who is currently with the New York Department of Financial Services.  As our blog readers may recall, Ms. English was appointed CFPB Deputy Director by former CFPB Director Cordray upon his departure from the Bureau.  Following President Trump’s appointment of Mick Mulvaney to serve as Acting CFPB Director, Ms. English initiated unsuccessful litigation seeking a declaration that she, rather than Mr. Mulvaney, had the right to serve as Acting Director.

Banking and Securities Regulators (includes FDIC, Federal Reserve, NCUA).   Gary Gensler, who is with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will serve as team leader.

Treasury Department.   Don Graves, who is with KeyBank, will serve as team leader.  (While not specifically indicated on the Transition website, presumably the Treasury team will have responsibility for the OCC.)

FTC.   Heather Hippsley, who previously worked at the FTC and is now retired, will serve as team leader.

Department of Education.   Linda Darling-Hammond, who is with the Learning Policy Institute, will serve as team leader. 

HUD (includes FHFA).   Erika Poethig, who is with the Urban Institute, will serve as team leader.